My lazy Friday afternoon was spent with my watercolor set at the dining room table while my husband cooked for us. Spoiled much? A bit, I will confess. 🥰

This is my very first attempt with watercolors. Okay, except for when I was a little girl in primary school. ☺️I must say it’s much more easy to clean up than oil 🎨 paint…

I just had to rinse and scrub a little and all was clean and tidy.

I love being creative, but I don’t like a mess. This is why I didn’t become a world famous potter or baker!

Wow, these marvelous colors; I really think this can be the start of a long time hobby! Easy, enjoyable and just enough challenge. There is still loads to learn! I just played around with one paint brush with the goal to learn my colour pallet.

I saw the most amazing creations of watercolor art. I can’t wait to play around and learn and try different techniques. We all have to start somewhere and this is my start…

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