• 👩🏻‍🌾 GARDENING
    Today we celebrated our freedom in The Netherlands. This we do every year on the 5th of May. My dear husband / Mythological god: A and I chose to do this outdoors; although there were some shops involved… 
  • 🛌 stomach bug 🛌
    Since Monday night I’ve been feeling quite ill. Much less energy and pain in my tummy. Yesterday I woke up feeling worse and after my shower I was sick and my stomach was hurting even more. I couldn’t hold anything down yesterday nor this morning. So now I’m trying to carefully sip on this smoothie. […]
  • 🥾Daily walk🐕
    My day started out grey and lazy. I had a very relaxing day at home. I allowed myself to spend some time to play around with watercolors and paint brushes. I actually tried my hand at my very first landscape, from a card that I found in one of my books. This wasn’t planned at […]
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