😴Waking up at the lake ⛵️

The last couple of days were lazy days at the lake. There were no agendas, to do lists nor appointments. Well except for the two hours in the sauna, but that hardly counts right? Nothing to complain about. Just well deserved rest and detoxing.

So, my day started out as all the other days this week, with a cup of coffee in bed and my hairy friend/ live blanket in bed keeping me company and sharing the sweetness of special moments.

With this view over the lake, behind the hedge it’s pure bliss to stay in bed a little longer than planned. We both enjoy the scenery in quite and now and then we look at one another and understand exactly how the other feels; completely relaxed!

Time to rise and shine, to be productive, and live my best life… Then I remember that I have no appointments, to do lists, not even a planner insight. So the only thing I now want to do is sit in the sun and enjoy this splendid moment in the sun with another cup of coffee and this marvelous view!

And I’m not the only one enjoying the sun and the hauling sound of the wind around the house. It’s stormy, yet sunny! A perfect autumn day to stay indoors.

The sun is just warm enough still to provide us with sweet memories of the summertime and weak enough to enjoy for a longer period of time in a lazy comfortable chair. How lovely is autumn?

Still a clear blue sky and an even more deeper blue lake at the moment, but just like in a movie, within a couple of seconds the scene could change to this:

Rain and a grey sky over a grey lake
Changing to yet another blue grayish shade.

Who needs expensive art on the walls, when you have a live artist you can admire through the window?

I’ll just sit here for another moment or two and then it’s time to go back to the rest of the weekend…

There’s my call: look at that face, it’s time for some attention and perhaps a belly rub in the sun 🙃 who knows how long I can postpone the inevitable…

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