Today we celebrated our freedom in The Netherlands. This we do every year on the 5th of May. My dear husband / Mythological god: A and I chose to do this outdoors; although there were some shops involved… 

But first we had a lovely watermelon 🍉 juice in bed as breakfast… After all sharing is caring! 
Then we went in a nature shopping spree 🪴🛍🪴we chose for flowers, big ones and tiny ones, purple, white, yellow, pink, orange, and blue. Oh but wait, there is more…
A young Wisteria Pink. Since I can remember, I always wanted a Wisteria, and today was my luckiest 🍀 day in a very long time! 
My luck continued as we proceed. I was spoiled by A; and so we chose some now-still-little-that-are-going-to-grow-very-big-soon plants/trees for our back garden at home 🏡 
And even more nature followed us 🏡 home! I’m as happy as a little 🐷 in 💩
We managed just fine fitting everything in and traveling safely…
With some help we managed to get our young Wisteria in the ground. It was quite a bit of a puzzle: which side is the front/back…. But all happened in harmony and under the watchful eye of Amna thé Sheltie…
The front of the house is all clean and proper! Roses are groomed and the weeds are gone… time to take a proper break and tomorrow we will continue in the back garden🌱

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