🥾Daily walk🐕

My day started out grey and lazy. I had a very relaxing day at home. I allowed myself to spend some time to play around with watercolors and paint brushes. I actually tried my hand at my very first landscape, from a card that I found in one of my books. This wasn’t planned at all. I just sat down and thought, okay, let’s try this. 🤗

I think it is important to take photos of my work to see the progress. I’m very much curious to see how it goes… Also looking at the photo all becomes so much more clear. It seems like it’s easier to see what is still needed in the painting.

To be honest it was quite difficult. My colours are still very flat and even with no experience I can tell there are still a lot that needs to be practiced. There are so many techniques and methods to be learned! I really enjoy Aquarel. I love how the paint move and how you can manipulate the colours with water.

Of course I didn’t paint all day long; although I was busy/creative for the better part of the day. I also went on one of my daily walks… It seems like my blog is becoming a daily walk update… haha but I just can’t resist sharing these little moments here and all these vibrant watercolours. I can’t seem to ignore the shapes and colours in nature. Perhaps just me, but ever since I started water painting, everything looks like a perfect watercolor 🖼 painting. Look at these photos below, untouched, no filters, etc and judge it for yourself. True, right? Or it’s just me obsessed with watercolours.

Oh and by the way, I would love to receive some tips on this new found hobby of mine. It would be much appreciated! 🥰 I love learning new things and always open for suggestions.

This little posy, here above, has had her best days, but I just had to enjoy the last day looking at it. All these flowers were taken from my own garden about two and a half weeks ago. There’s still some beauty left.

The same is true for this posy! Only this bunch will be fine for another couple of days or so, I hope. I love nature, just in case you couldn’t tell. 🍂🎨💐

4 replies to “🥾Daily walk🐕

  1. To get the luminosity of the flowers in the original with w/c: paint them first ( at least the initial wash). Then add the greens around them, one at a time, first light, then medium and finally dark green, cutting out the shapes of the flowers with the greens and softening some of the edges of the greens with water to get variation. Then you can model the flowers if you want.
    Then again, you might want dark red flowers, so disregard this approach. There’s no rights or wrongs – just different.

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